Fancy Dog Beds – Our Top 5 For Your Pet!

Your dog isn’t just a pet; he’s a member of your family. He deserves the best, and there are plenty of fancy dog beds from which to choose that special sleeping place he’ll call his very own.

Fancy dog beds have various types of comfortable materials your dog will love, while also having luxurious touches that you won’t find in typical dog beds.fancy-dog-beds

Some dog beds are raised off the floor, which will keep your dog out of any drafts found in your home. Others have frames, and very much resemble the type of bed you sleep on yourself.

You will also find that some are made with scratch-resistant materials for durability.

The best fancy dog beds offer both comfort for your pet and also complements the style of your home. See the following for our top 5 fancy dog beds.

Top 5 Fancy Dog Beds

Blueberry Pet Microsuede Pet Bed

The Blueberry Pet Microsuede Bed is earth-friendly pet bed, made from 100% recyclable materials. It was designed with the comfort of your dog in mind, and provides ample support for sleeping dogs.

These microsuede fancy dog beds accent the style in your home and are machine washable for ease of care. Take note that this bed comes with a great removable cover and lining.

Most buyers have glowing reviews of this affordable and comfy bed – depending on the size. This luxurious dog bed comes in two sizes to fit most dogs. Choose from several great colors, paisley tango red, paisley champagne beige, color block brilliant blue with champagne beige and color block champagne beige with tango red.

This is most definitely a fancy dog bed!

• Bolstered sides
• Supportive sleep surface
• Neck pillow for extra comfort

• Be sure to note that the measurements are exterior measurements, not numbers that indicate actual sleeping space.
• Puppies may more aggressively chew, so watch your pet for the first few days.
• Some dogs take longer than others to find a comfortable sleeping place in this and other beds.

Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Pet Sofa Bed

This original fancy pet bed is designed for dogs who love to snuggle when they’re sleeping. The generous 26 1/2” x 16” x 16” offers luxurious warmth and comfort. The inner pad can be used with therapeutic products from Enchanted Home, which provide comfort for ailing or older dogs with cooling, heating or magnetic therapy. The attention to design, detail and functionality is unmatched!

Your dog will love the snuggle-worthy cushioning of this supportive bed. Choose from black, blue, gray, pink and black & white – and is suitable for dogs up to 15 pounds.

• Raised on feet to avoid drafts
• Cleans easily with a damp cloth

• Some dogs don’t prefer raised beds
• Some dogs have trouble getting comfortable
• Dogs may slip off the cushion when they’re settling in for sleep

Chesterfield Faux Leather Dog Bed Designer Pet Sofa

The Chesterfield Pet Sofa allows you to treat your beloved pet in a special way, after all the affection they give you. The colors of classic gray, rich tan or rustic brown will accent the fancy décor in your home.

The softest fabrics and quality materials make this bed so comfortable for your loving friend. The cozy cushion keeps him snuggled and warm as he sleeps.

The upscale design and materials used in this fine and fancy dog bed will live up to your home!. The measurements are 33 ½” x 30 1/4 “ x 16”.

• Easy to keep clean
• 1 year limited warranty
• Complements any home décor

• One reviewer’s dogs would not sleep in the bed
• Faux leather is more practical but less elegant than real leather

Fantasy Furniture Mini Chaise Elegant Gold Pet Bed

“Chaise” tells you all you need to know about the comfort of this elegant dog bed. Your dog will love snuggling in at nap time. It has lots of luxurious details like elegant fabric, contrasting trim and tassels. It is quite suitable for dogs up to 15 pounds.

Fantasy Furniture fancy beds are well-designed and sturdily crafted to give your dog the luxury he loves. It looks great in your house, too.

For a fancy dog bed this one is affordable, with available colors of gold and red.

• Solid wood frame
• High density foam that is also flame resistant
• Luxurious upholstery that you can spot clean as needed

• Some buyers feel that the pillow should be softer and fluffier.
• Check the dimensions, as it can appear larger in photos than it is.

Plush Dog Sofa in Pebble Brown with Button Tufted Headboard

The Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Headboard Bed is elevated, so your dog can sleep without being in the path of uncomfortable drafts. It’s suited for dogs up to 10 pounds and eases your dog into luxurious comfort that makes it perfect for warmth while sleeping. It also includes storage for toys and treats!

The luxurious style and tufted headboard allow this bed to adapt to any home décor. The size is approximately 16.75″ H x 18.75″ W x 27.25″ D.

The exterior is easy to spot clean with mild detergent, and the cushion cover is removable and washable. The headboard supports your pet while he sleeps, for ultimate comfort and a sense of security. It’s an affordable and luxurious choice for your beloved pet.

• Handy storage for bones and toys
• Inner cushion works with therapeutic technology
• Ultra plush for extra comfort

• The feet may come off with heavy use, but can be glued back on
• Not totally chew-proof, but what dog bed is?

When he’s not playing with you or giving you affection, your dog spends a lot of time sleeping. Providing your dog with a luxurious, fancy dog bed place to nap is a wonderful way to thank him for all he does for you.

The best dog beds also accent the décor in your home. Beautify your home and pleasure your pup with the finest in fancy dog beds.

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