The Best Cooling Dog Beds for Your Pooch

Your dog helps you “keep your cool” by being a sympathetic listener and a non-judgmental best friend. He needs you to help him keep cool, too, in a more literal way. You can do this by getting him a cooling dog bed. cooling-dog-bed

You want your dog to be comfortable in all kinds of weather, indoors and out. Cool dog beds don’t need refrigeration, as the cooling gel and elements of the bed are naturally cooling.

Since your dog can’t sweat, except for a small area of his feet – he needs your help to keep cool. Just panting isn’t enough!

Cooling dog beds have water resistant outer shells that are designed to be puncture-proof. The interior of the beds utilize materials that will stay cool even as they disseminate the heat of your dog’s body.

Top 5 Cooling Dog Beds

Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology

This cooling dog bed made by Sealy uses Quad-Layer technology to help your best friend relax and sleep in the most comfortable way. Its built-in energy gel is a cooling agent. The orthopedic memory foam by PetRest® and Pro-charcoal HD Foam offer your dog a respite from the heat in the summer, and a comfortable place to rest, year round. The bottom is non-slip, so he won’t have any trouble getting comfortable.

In modern gray color, this dog cooling bed comes in small, medium, and large dog sizes. The removable, cleanable cover makes it easy to keep fresh. No zippers exposed means that your won’t chew through it!

• Cooling energy gel
• Bio-green orthopedic foam
• Comfy memory foam
• Comes with a 1 year warranty

• It might be easier for dog owners if the bed and bolsters came as one piece.

Sealy Dog Bed Sherpa Orthopedic Dog Bed

This Sealy Sherpa Orthopedic Dog Bed will cool your dog with energy gel. This is helpful in safely regulating his body temperature. The foam conforms to your dog’s body and the charcoal activated foam base absorbs odors. It even has protection against bacteria.

The outer cover is machine washable on delicate, and the inner cover can be wiped with water and air dried. Modern gray is a practical color for dogs while offering body support and cooling comfort.

These beds are not designer models – they’re made to cool your pet – but they look fine wherever your dog needs them.

• Covered zippers – no scratches for your dog
• Inner liner is water resistant
• Non-slip bottom for safety

• Purchasers have not made any negative comments about this bed.

K&H Manufacturing Cool Bed III

Your furry friend will be cooler with the newest Cool Bed, model III. It gives your dog a cool space to relax. The vinyl/nylon exterior is as tough as can be.

With affordable prices, and the availability of gray and blue colors in sizes small, medium and large, this is an affordable cooling dog bed when you’re looking for a place for your dog to stay cool and comfortable.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, this bed even helps to comfort skin disorders, hip issues and arthritis. The materials are very supportive and comfortable.

• The best cooling power from cool core liquid diversion
• Heat is wicked away from your dog’s body and released into the air
• Two year limited warranty

• Aggressive chewing can lead to leaks
• Can be somewhat difficult to empty out

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad

This self-cooling pad works for three to four hours and never needs water. No water equals no leak and no mold. It can be used in car, crate, bed, floor or outdoors. It’s non-toxic and very safe for children and pets. As soon as your dog lies on the bed, it starts cooling him.

The comforting cushions soothe and cool, and help to relieve skin conditions, allergies, Cushing’s disease, hip dysplasia and heat stroke. Older dogs love these beds. They’re easy to clean, sturdy and store easily. Available in sizes from small to extra large, these cool blue pads come at a very affordable price, ranging on size.

• Does not require electricity, refrigeration or water
• Recharges itself after brief periods not in use
• Aids in relieving discomfort, stress and pain

• Outer cover can be torn if you have a rambunctious dog
• Section edges can become hard after repeated use

Hugs Pet Products Chilly Mat Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Mat

The Hugs Pet Dog Gel Mat is the perfect place for your fuzzy friend to relax when he’s hot. The foam and vinyl gel mat will give you years of use. The gel filling keep your pup comfortable and cool. The mat resists water and weather, so you can use it outdoors, as well as indoors.

This cool dog bed is available in medium, large and extra-large, and are affordably priced. The blue gel pad is not toxic, and it keeps your dog comfy-cool!

• Can be used outdoors and indoors
• Material resists puncturing
• Easy to keep clean

• Can tear with aggressive scratching or chewing

The gels and foam in a cooling dog bed will offer your dog welcome relief when they’re hot. They will give your pet a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep. He’ll have a cool place that he can call his own. Older dogs will find these beds more comfortable as well.

Your dog will thank you for his cooling dog bed, in his own sweet way!

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