How to Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior

Most people are fond of keeping dogs inside their homes to live with them as a close member of the family. However, your dog’s destructive behavior may worry you sometimes, like when he starts chewing things, biting, digging and being overly protective regarding his territory. It has been observed that dogs show such destructive behaviors when they are bored or do not feel comfort at home due to furniture and doors or obstacles.

You should try to understand why your canine is acting in different ways compared to his normal behavior. In this article, we will  talk about different types of destructive behavior shown by pet dogs, the possible reason behind the unusual behaviors and solutions to the problems.

Different types of destructive behavior shown by dogs include:

  • Destroying plants in the yardbad-dog-behavior
  • Growling at people and other animals
  • Digging in the yard
  • Chewing items in the house
  • Showing fear, anxiety and aggression
  • Barking excessively to seek attention

The destructive behavior of your dog may create many problems for you and your family.

Possible Reasons for Destructive Behavior in Dogs

Dogs become accustomed to high supervision and care. When they do not find enough attention from their owners, they express their anxiety by chewing inappropriate items. They might show destructive behavior by chewing or barking unusually. Some possible reasons for chewing in pet dogs could be:

  • Owner’s absence
  • Lack of exercise and daily activity
  • Uncomfortable dog beds or other items
  • Health problems
  • Improper digestion and nutritional deficiencies

Steps to Stop Destructive Behavior in Dogs

You should keep an eye on the daily activity of your dog to control problems quickly. He must be provided with his own dog toys to keep him busy and active. The following measures should be taken to stop your dog’s destructive behavior:

  • Consult a veterinarian for a complete medical analysis
  • Take your dog to walk, play with him and give him plenty of exercise on a daily basis
  • Lead your pet into a dog crate when he or she is misbehaving or anxious
  • Change the play area of your dog so that it is shaded and can be supervised easily
  • Install a high-quality, durable dog bed that is equally comfortable and cozy
  • Keep the garbage can and potted plants away from your dog

You should make sure that your dog is not getting bored of his environment and his daily routine. New activities and new toys added to his territory will help change his abnormal behavior. And the most important thing is that you are keenly observing him and helping him to overcome his destructive behavior.

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