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Pros: Cot style, durable dog beds made by Coolaroo are available in a variety of sizes and colors. The unique, high quality, and lead free Coolaroo fabric is specially made to be breathable allowing air to pass through for a cooling effect. Products come with a 5-year limited warranty.
Cons: The materials used for the beds are high quality and durable, but as the company states, not totally indestructible. As known about cot style dog beds, Coolaroo beds will not provide the same level of comfort as a cushion style dog bed. Complaints from reviewers about assembling the bed and under performing screws needed to hold the frame together. Others commented that the fabric stretches out too quickly.

Coolaroo is an Australian company that provides a wide range of products from garden to outdoor leisure products using a unique fabric that allows cool breezes to pass through but also blocks heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays. In addition to durable dog beds, the company also makes umbrellas, sun shades, and canopies. Coolaroo aims to provide their consumers with high quality materials that will make the pet product last longer.

Coolaroo dog beds are cot style beds and are great for dogs as they elevate them off the ground – raising your pup 8 inches up from the ground. The company provides a limited 5-year warranty with the dog beds for replacement of the fabric only. Your Coolaroo dog bed will come un-assembled – requiring you to assemble the fabric and frame before your pup can enjoy it.

Coolaroo Dog Bed Installation Demo

Coolaroo Dog Beds Reviews

Dog beds by Coolaroo come in just one design – cot style. The main differences you will find between the beds are the frames. The same unique to Coolaroo fabric material is used with each bed sold. Below we review the top Coolaroo dog beds:

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

This top selling dog bed, has a steel frame and with the special Coolaroo breathable fabric is resistant to fleas, mites, mold and mildew. It’s easy to clean by wiping it down and letting it air dry. Great for use indoors or out. This bed is available in small (35.5” x 21.6”), medium (43” x 26”), and large (51” x 32”) sizes to best fit your canine. You can choose between three colors – gray, terracotta or green.

As a note, some reviewers found it took some time for their dog to get use to this bed. After a short period they felt comfortable using it.


Coolaroo Aluminum Pet Bed

Here is a stylish, modern looking dog bed that comes with a gray fabric and aluminum bed frame. The combination of the frame and the fabric make this probably the company’s most durable bed. The aluminum material is non-corrosive and super strong to provide support for large and heavy dogs.

The same unique fabric is used for this bed giving your pooch cooling comfort, while also being easy to clean.


Coolaroo Dog Bed Replacement Cover

In addition, Coolaroo provides the replacement cover for the steel Coolaroo dog bed if you want to replace the fabric on the cot style bed you already have.

Made of the same material as described above, it comes in small, medium and large sizes in either gray, green or terracotta colors. Great option if you have the frame already.


Getting a Coolaroo dog bed for your favorite pooch is a great option for several reasons. Not only is it a great durable dog bed for large, medium, and small dogs. The unique Coolaroo breathable fabric and strong frame (in steel or aluminum) makes it a winner. The beds are also very affordable and easy to maintain.