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Pros: When it comes to high quality, indestructible dog beds, K9 Ballistics does a great job. They have different types of beds made of various durable materials for specific needs. When it comes to bed styles, sizes, and colors, K9 Ballistics dog beds offers a great selection to make sure you find the right one for your beloved pet dog. A 90 or 120 day warranty is offered on specific beds.
Cons: The price range for their durable beds is on the higher side. For some dog owners, the beds may be a bit too much for their budget. A one-time 90 or 120 day warranty is offered on specific dog beds only. Make sure you understand the details of the warranty that comes with the bed you choose.

K9 Ballistics is a company of people who are pet lovers from Camarillo, California who got frustrated trying to find high-quality, durable dog beds that last and are comfortable for their pets. Determined to get the right products for their pets, they decided to design and create high-quality dog beds and share them with those who also love their dogs.

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds Review

The quality dog beds at K9 Ballistics are divided into different series. Each of them has their own distinct features that help owners decide which one to get for their beloved dogs. Below are the different series that are currently available:

  • Tuff Bed Series – These beds are made of hypoallergenic materials and they come in sizes from small to XX-large. They are chew and scratch-resistant and K9 Ballistics offer a Chew Proof Guarantee on this line of beds.
  • Lux Bed Series – These beds are made of LUX Faux Fur and LUX Microsuede material that makes them very comfortable for the family pet. These also have a water-proof liner and are machine washable.
  • MicroFiber Bed Series – These beds are made of plush MicroFiber with an accented piping to give it that clean look. It is also mold and mildew resistant and can easily be cleaned with the use of a washing machine.
  • Denim Bed Series – This series is their newest and beds in this series are made of heavy-duty denim that have already been pre-shrunk and pre-washed. It is also scratch resistant and the blue denim color is easy to match with any home décor you have.

K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed

If you are looking to owning a dog bed that you won’t have to replace – seriously consider this bed! This bed is made with a blend of proprietary, ballistic woven fibers and is designed for dogs who like to chew and scratch. The fabric is mold and mildew resistant without any zippers for your canine to yank on. The cushion material consists of a medium-grade memory foam, providing great support for your dog’s joints.

Feel at ease to take this bed both in and outdoors – as the cover is also machine washable. Should your dog be strong enough to chew through the covers, K9 Ballistics provides a one-time, 90-day warranty where they will replace the cover free of charge. This warranty does not cover the inner mattress – only the outer cover.

A majority of reviewers highly recommend this dog bed – giving it a very high rating.

K9 Ballistics Mini TUFF Bed

Puppies are very playful and many times, it’s their bed that they play with. They chew on things all the time! The K9 Ballistics Mini Tuff Bed is perfect for them because it is made of a RipStop Ballistic Material that will prevent your little pups from ripping and shredding their beds into tiny little pieces. This is covered by the 90 day Chew Proof Guarantee.

Although the material is tough, some reviews of those who bought this kind of K9 Ballistics Dog Beds said that their dog/puppy was able to create a hole in the bed. This makes them realize that the chew proof isn’t that chew proof at all. It may be able to outlast most of the dog beds in the market because of its toughness but it may eventually be destroyed if it gets chewed too much. Nevertheless many are very happy with their purchase of this bed.

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Cujo Cot

If you are at your wits end looking for a dog bed that your dog can’t destroy, check out this cot style bed. The company made this bed for dogs who are “heavy, persistent chewers”.  The cot frame is all aluminum and the fabric is made of ballistic ripstop materials – all of the components of this bed where chosen to outlast the most determined dogs. The material is also resistant to dirt, hair, water and odor. Easily clean the bed with a water hose when needed. As it elevates the dog from the ground, many owners of this bed love to be able to use the bed both indoors and out.

Keep in mind that given this bed is cot style, you dog will lose comfort that would come with cushion style dog beds.

K9 Ballistics Orthopedic LUX Bolster Bed

Let your dog retire on a very comfortable bed made of faux fur and microsuede. This bed is really a luxurious treat for your beloved dog. It has an orthopedic mattress that helps your pet’s joints are well supported while still being soft and smooth to the touch. It is perfect for older dogs who are facing different medical conditions, like arthritis or if he or she is getting older.

This bed is available in 5 sizes ranging from small, measuring 18” x 24” x  5″, up to XX-large, measuring 40″ x 68” x  5″  – and with 4 different color combinations to choose from. Receiving mostly great reviews from previous buyers, this dog bed is a perfect gift for your pet companion. Keep in mind that we would not consider this bed to be indestructible – and it is not covered by their chew proof guarantee.

K9 Ballistics Bolstered Denim Nesting Bed

If denim is your style, then you will love this bed for your pet dog! The bed is made of a durable denim fabric that is already pre-washed and pre-shrunk that will look and feel like your favorite pair of Levi’s.

The breathing hydrofuge mattress is what keeps this bed fresh and always pleasant to use for years to come. Moisture and air can easily pass through it and this helps prevent the growth of mildew and molds. There are also channels that make sure the stuffing stays in the right place. The channels helps in maintaining the shape of the bed and prevents your dog from pushing all the stuffing to one side.

Tough as it may seem, dogs who are really chewers would be able destroy it because it is not chew proof. The manufacturer recommends this dog bed for those dogs who are not into into the habit of digging and chewing on their beds.

K9 Ballistics Original Microfiber Bed

This great looking dog bed is made of a stain resistant and durable polyester microfiber fabric that can easily be machine washed. The cover easily comes off by using the zipper closures. Inside of the cover you will find a hydrofuge mattress that helps in the circulation of air all over the bed to make sure it stays fresh. Different colors and sizes are available to make sure they are perfect for your pet.

Although the bed cover is made of a tough fabric, it is not covered by their chew proof guarantee. Dogs who are prone to chewing on their beds may eventually ruin this bed. Choose this dog bed for less playful dogs who aren’t chewers.