If you’re interested in finding the right durable dog bed for your doggies, then obviously you’re also interested in finding other great dog-related websites. We’ve gathered together a list of some top dog sites we think you’d be interested in checking out.

If you know of any sites that you would like to see here, please contact us!


An online directory of pets or who looking for homes and over 14,000 pet adoption organizations nationwide to help you search for a pet to bring home. The site is run by volunteers and animal care professionals who work to ensure the directory is up to date and accurate. It is also a great resource for how to care for different types of animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, and more).


The tagline line for this site is “For the love of dog.” That alone tells enough of what the heart of this website is all about! This magazine style website is dedicated to the care and well-being of our beloved canines. It includes tons of articles, videos, Q&As, a photo gallery, an adoption section that displays dogs in your local area, and a community portal to share and discuss doggy issues with other pet lovers. Oh, and if you also happen to prefer cats – check out their sister site: www.catster.com.

My Dog’s Name

Are you struggling to find the right name for your new dog? Check out this easy and fun to use resource to do just that!

Dog Food Advisor

Don’t you want to ensure that your dog has a healthy diet? Of course you do! This site will help you make a more informed decision on choosing between the vast and varying types of commercial dog food available in the market. The pet lovers who write for this site dig down into the ingredients to write reviews on a large selection of dog food. Very comprehensive!