Types of Bad Dog Behavior

Bad dog behavior can be a nuisance, especially when it is repetitive and consistent. When the peace and calm in your house is suddenly disrupted by your dog’s bad behavior, it’s not the time to panic and lament how this could happen! You may wonder why he or she had to dig up the ground and fail tobad-dog-behavior cover it back, bark in such an annoying manner, destroy their dog bed, or chew on your favorite (and expensive) shoes. See below the steps to resolve bad dog behavior.


Dogs bark to alert their owners of an approaching danger. Dogs also bark when they see another dog or in response to sounds, such as sirens. A few warning barks should not worry you, but excessive barking is a sign that something isn’t right. Such a behavior must be stopped. If this bad dog behavior is seen only at a specific time, the most likely cause is a sound from outside. We have little or no control over our outside environment, but this behavior can still be curbed by using humane tools, such as:


Chewing becomes a bad dog behavior depending on what he or she chews. If he or she is fond of chewing bones, then consider rewarding him or her, but chewing human items is completely unacceptable! One of the possible reasons that would trigger this behavior is boredom. The best way to curb this bad dog behavior is by:

  • Organizing your house – this will mean less temptation for your dog
  • Switching the dog’s focus from the bad items by leaving chew toys whenever you leave the house


The severity of this bad dog behavior is determined by the depth of the holes your dog digs and where the holes are dug. If your dog digs a shallow hole, then it wouldn’t be a severe problem. However, it is a big concern when a crater is dug in your yard! Dogs dig for the following reasons:

  • To bury things
  • To create “dens” for themselves
  • To get out of enclosures
  • To follow smells

To stop your dog from digging to bury things, never leave bones or toys outside with your dog. Cedar does magic when it comes to thwarting a scent hound. Distract your dog’s nose by covering areas with cedar.

Most bad dog behavior stems from a character trait or some change in environment. It’s important to know that having a dog qualifies you for being a detective, and the code you decipher is your dog’s mind. You can easily solve your dog’s problems with just a little detecting!


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